Rockwell Training Facility - California


The Rockwell Training Facility Online Training Programs are designed for athletes from across the world who can not make it into our elite training facility. Programs are developed by RTF’s top Certified Personal Trainers to your specific individual needs and personal goals.

Personal Training Sessions cover:


To find out more information and sign-up for the Rockwell Training Facility Online Training Program fill in the contact form below. Once sent, you will be contacted by RTF via email and set up with a personal account username and password to access the Online Training website.

After logging into the Online Training website you will be asked to complete an assessment of your current physical, emotional and mental condition, as well as a questionnaire on your training history.

After you have completed the online questionnaires and assessments, they will be reviewed by the Rockwell Training Facility, and a customized exercise program will be created based on both your assessment and questionnaire results.

Exercise programs generally consist of corrective stretches along with resistance & cardio training, depending on your needs. You will receive an easy-to-follow detailed description of your exercise program, including acute variables such as Rest, Tempo, Intensity, Duration, Repetitions and Sets. This information along with Video clips of each of your exercises is all available for you to view via the RTF Online Training website.